Analyzing multi-channel attribution in affiliate marketing using raw data

Let’s look closely at how to utilize each commonly used audience report to optimize your website for more affiliate sales. You have to be a website owner to track the performance of an affiliate link, as it is located on the company’s property. Usually, some data, such as traffic logs and conversions, is available to you through your personal affiliate dashboard. The key is to look at all your channels combined and their added value instead of singling out just one channel and then evaluate and optimise it. It requires comprehensive analysis to decide if your investment is worth the effort. You need to find out what works, what doesn’t, what channels bring sales and what exact path people follow to make a purchase.

You surely have a lot going on and would like to gather as much data as possible with as little effort as possible. In general, the bigger your audience, the more interested most brands will be in offering you an affiliate marketing opportunity. Anyone can be an affiliate marketer, however, access to products will largely depend on the brand. For example, some brands will be open to anyone who has a website or audience, while others may require you to meet a certain threshold of traffic. That’s because affiliate marketing provides flexibility and new opportunities.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Then, all this precious info will be processed through pivot tables in order to optimize your campaigns. You’ll have a hard time understanding which campaigns are losing money and where. It depends on what kind of niche you’re in and how high of a commission you consider rewarding. Marketing interests will be able to refine affiliate models to perfection at some point. And when that day comes, the business world will be excited to witness the new heights this channel is going to rise to. Affiliate marketing swindlers paid more than $4 million to settle FTC charges.

– Helps to Set Up Marketing Campaigns In Accordance with Trends

Without monetizing their domain expertise to the fullest by helping drive sales for relevant brands, small publishers will likely run on fumes perpetually. This suggests that most content site owners consider displaying ads and other native types of advertisements as their primary means of monetization. Affiliate marketing seems to be almost an afterthought, but it could be front and center if mastered completely. But it definitely merits consideration when phone conversations with consumers are vital to customer acquisition. While some marketers plan to increase their budget in 2021, another survey came up with less encouraging results.

Corrupt affiliate marketers defrauded 6,000+ consumers to the tune of $15 million. If your competitor is very active and generates decent engagement, it shows you there is an audience for your content, but you’ll need to dedicate more resources to compete. Export a list of all the keywords your competitor is ranking for, and delete all the keywords that you already cover in your content.

Make $10,000 per month as an affiliate?

The channel attributed to the conversion would be the search engine/google. The good news is that we’ll help you find those answers through raw data and detailed analysis. Today we’ll discuss how you can access that data and what other questions you should ask so you can increase your revenue and improve the return on ad spend .

In addition, many businesses lose sleep over where their brands are being talked up. Only 22% of Chief Marketing Officers have mastered affiliate marketing. If publishers are strategically selected, the number of quality backlinks created can help a merchant’s site win some brownie points with Google.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Through the whole year, the sales increase hadn’t fallen below 30%. Over 40% of affiliate marketers concentrate on promoting no more than 10 products. If your competitors aren’t very active, but still generate lots of engagement, there’s an excellent opportunity to grow a significant social media following. If you’re ranking in the top spots for your targeted keywords or seeing good audience engagement on social media, that’s a strength. SimilarWeb is a great free tool for analyzing your competitor’s strategy and top traffic channels.

This fascinating revelation suggests that most people either don’t mind consuming reads with brand-specific recommendatory undertones or don’t recognize native ads at all. 65% of small publishers have been doing affiliate marketing for only 24 months. Fortunately, affiliate networks have stepped up to the plate in order to close the tech gap.

How to do a Competitive Analysis of Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Checking the EPC rates of competing affiliate programs will help you identify the ones that perform best and learn from them. Setting up automatic monitoring – Tools like Google Alerts can help you find out why analyzing affiliate statistics and reports is important for a brok what is being published and by whom about both you and your competitors’ brands and affiliate programs. With SEMRush, you can track everything from keywords usage to competing websites and backlinks.

Our dependence on smartphones and tablets is likely to grow with time. Plus, Google has been favoring mobile sites over their desktop versions, encouraging brands to join the mobile revolution in exchange for higher search rankings. It’s a fast and easy way to analyze your competitor’s social media pages and get insights into their social strategy. Now we know why competitive analyses are so valuable, and why they’re especially useful with regards to affiliate marketing strategies. The next question to answer is how to use competitive analysis in this way.

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8 in 10 brands use about 10% of their marketing budgets to fund affiliate programs. The general idea of affiliate marketing is simple, broad, and versatile. Although it has been conceptualized as early as the late-80s, our curated list of affiliate marketing statistics here indicates that the channel is far from perfection.

  • In no particular order, here’s a rundown of the best tools for affiliate marketing competitor analysis.
  • 75% of affiliate marketers list social media as their top traffic source.
  • Analyzing your competitors also helps you to determine if there is an opportunity for growth.
  • And join our Supermetrics partner program to earn 20% recurring commissions from each sale.
  • 91% of businesses want to increase or maintain their affiliate marketing spending in the future.

Many affiliates don’t disclose their vested interests in boosting the sales of the businesses they talk about. Affiliate marketers are still not as effective drivers of sales as organic (21%) and paid (20%) searches. But these professionals are now on the same level as email marketing solutions, which are generally costlier. Throughout the 2010s, total affiliate marketing spending ballooned from $1.6 billion to $6.8 billion in 2020.

The Performance Marketing Association And The Effects Tech Trends Will Have On Affiliate Marketing

Further investigation and an in-depth affiliate marketing report from the headphones ecommerce site are necessary to definitively determine what the root of this was. Such a great number paints a highly competitive local affiliate marketing environment. Not so stellar web traffic, unimpressive click-through rates, low conversions, negligible order sizes, and small commissions are some of the variables that could hurt your earnings. Over three-quarters of publishers agree that affiliate marketing makes site monetization a breeze. A whopping 77% t of consumers don’t perceive native content as advertising.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Having competitors’ examples and analysis based on those examples to use as a point of reference is very helpful in that regard. The key is to make sure that your marketing strategies aren’t just good, but that they’re actively the best compared to your competition. This is impossible to achieve without first closely analyzing what exactly it is that your competition is doing, and how they’re doing that.

Improve your Affiliate marketing analytics with our hub page

Researching how they achieved those backlinks and trying to replicate them should be a priority. The majority of Mattress Advisor’s traffic comes organically from search engines. This will show you the type of content they are publishing, how often they post, and the engagement their posts receive.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Namely, you compare in Google Ads your brand with non-brand clicks. The brand ones (e.g., Clearcode) cost you about 15 or 20 cents. When you look at non-brand, be it analytics software, analytics tools, analytics platform, etc. they’re usually more expensive.

How to track affiliate sales in Google Analytics

It allows you to answer more complex questions, verify reported results, repurpose and reuse it for different campaigns. You report the sales now because your brand appears on these websites that have thousands of visitors a day. These visitors are ready to buy a product but weren’t necessarily thinking about your specific brand. They just wanted to get an electric toothbrush, and yours was displayed on the publisher’s homepage. Piwik PRO teamed up with Lennart Ruigrok from Performance Marketing Agency Booming, based in Amsterdam, to find solutions to burning issues regarding attribution in affiliate marketing. A person searches for a book on Google, clicks an organic result of and makes a purchase there.

Create Custom Data Segments

As technology continues to advance and develop, all global industries must strive to implement data analysis in their approach. These tools are vital for affiliate marketers, with them they can analyze customer behavior, optimize strategy, and protect their businesses against fraud. Simply tracking the number of sales you secure through your affiliate strategy isn’t enough, unfortunately. To effectively integrate data analysis into your approach, you will need to dive deeper into the numbers to get more detailed insights into how your strategy is performing.

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