How To Hire WordPress Developers?

Creating a website is a great opportunity for offshoring or hiring remote developers, which can save your budget without losing the quality of a final product. The thing is, the cost of the same work in different countries varies, as the cost of living is different. For example, for the same work, a developer in the US will receive $120 per hour, and a developer in India will receive $15 per hour. Same goes for skills, even though the impact of this factor is harder to measure.

how to hire a wordpress developer

Thankfully, there are several platforms out there that do take measures to make the hiring experience better for their users and actually attract professional talent to their sites. In this article, we’ll look at eight great sources and finish with some tips on how to find and hire the best WordPress developers. Most freelance marketplaces and job listing platforms will display ratings and reviews on the developers’ profiles. You may also see the number of projects that the developer has worked on so far.

Offshore Vs Nearshore Outsourcing: What to Choose in 2023?

Many sites don’t actually take the time to vet their providers, instead opting to let natural selection cull the weakest members through time. This translates to a bad user experience for many customers who become frustrated and quickly lose faith in the development process. It can also be quite costly, as some have to try multiple developers before finding one they are confident they can work with. You can use this platform to connect with a vast community of freelancers (beyond WordPress web developers, designers, programmers, etc.). Further, given the popularity of this platform, the quality of freelancers available can really vary from meh to extraordinary.

how to hire a wordpress developer

Firstly, in Central Europe it is much easier to find a developer with the right skills, because there is an increased availability. The hiring process will take much less time than in the US or Western Europe, where talented coders are already busy on other big projects. Our partners at Frontegg were looking for a small team of full-stack programmers to bring their project to life.

Top 5 Platforms to Find and Hire Full-Time WordPress Experts and Developers

Choosing the right web design company to work with can be a challenging process. Hire wordpress developer, If you’re just getting started, you might be looking for a basic website to promote your business. Whichever the case may be, hiring the right web design company is important. The process can be difficult for both you and the company you hire. Even worse, you might end up disappointed when you work with the wrong company.

You should look for their proficiency in PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML to ensure they can create, style, and optimize a WordPress website, and SEO knowledge is an added plus. Apart from these technical skills, you should also ensure that the developer has a willingness to learn & expand knowledge and problem-solving skills. You’ll want to make sure that your company’s intellectual property and other sensitive information aren’t jeopardized even in these instances. However, there are times when the freelance WordPress developer would refuse to present you with a formal agreement.

The main Stack Overflow site gets over 50 million unique visitors per month, and job listings are shown throughout the site . This ensures that your listing gets seen by a global audience daily. Renowned as one of the most popular and high-quality web development publications on the internet, Smashing Magazine also runs Smashing Jobs.

Offer the position as soon as you find the person for the job

Creative and innovative thinking skills—this is crucial for web development because there are always new challenges coming up that require a fresh approach every time . A good developer will know how to find solutions quickly while still being able to deliver high-quality code according to specifications set forth by the client or agency client representative. A great WordPress developer must be able to communicate effectively with clients and team members, as well as explain technical concepts to non-techies. WordPress developers should be adept at working with new WordPress products, plugins and themes. They must also be able to troubleshoot, redesign, and structure elements of the site, and be competent at computer programming.

On Upwork the average USA-based WordPress front end developer salary is $92 per hour. If you’re starting a new business and wanted to build your first WordPress website, then it’s time taking process and some technical skills are required to build it from the scratch. So to make your task easy, a WordPress developer can help you to develop a WordPress website for your business. Therefore, there are a lot of WordPress developers available in the market, which will help you to build, manage, and secure a WordPress website. WordPress developers also help you to build SEO-optimized WordPress websites by following all the coding standards.

This way of work helps them obtain the perfect balance between their free time and their jobs. Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to work from home at least 3-5 times a month. Those developers who are working on the Back End part of the site should be more proficient in this area. MySQL manages user data, user meta, posts, comments, and other components of the WordPress database. Bootstrap – This framework helps developers save time and avoid coding from scratch.

Hire expert WordPress Developers for any job

However, a few other websites you can use offer a better selection of developers for long-term work. We’ll provide a more in-depth look at some of the best places to find a professional WordPress developer a bit later. Before you begin your search for a WordPress developer, it’s a good idea to think about your specific needs beforehand.

  • Communicate with the developer about the support and maintenance before hiring them.
  • The caliber of its users varies, but if you look hard enough, you can find WordPress developers that can meet your needs.
  • After you’ve decided to hire WordPress programmers, the final step is to ensure that everything is in writing.
  • Also, deadlines need to be discussed beforehand for better communication.
  • As a first step in the hiring process, you can use one-way video software to help quickly narrow a large pool of prospective candidates.

But when it comes to ideas without estimating the price then working on an Hourly model is appropriate for many clients. Besides the hourly rate of WordPress developers, you have to consider the training and onboarding of a new developer. After winning over the scope idea, it’s time for hiring WordPress developers through different aspects. There are many other platforms that provide dedicated developers depending on the region. After planning the idea, the next process to step in is to locate the developers from various platforms.


If you ask for somebody in the United States that is part of the Automatic company behind WordPress an absolutely fantastic developer you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 an hour. Naturally, the price is based on the developer’s location experience and accolade. TopTal set’s up what is called the “project” you pay the $500 and get as many developers as you need in the beginning as well as over the course of the project.

How to hire top-notched WordPress Developers

In comparison, most freelancer developers charge between $60-$100 per hour. Codeable is one of the most popular outsourcing platforms for WordPress. The Codeable team ensures that only the top freelance developers make the cut, as they pre-screen and vet each developer who applies. Whether you go for a freelancer or an employee, it’s paramount that you test the skills of a WordPress developer before you hire them.

According to HubSpot, the gap between junior WordPress plugin developer salary and that of the senior can be up to $110,000 per year. A huge factor is the experience of the developer and his status – junior, middle or senior. In other words, how many years has he worked in general and does he have relevant experience in the industry? Often the rates of seniors are 3-4 times higher than the rates of juniors, and if they have experience in a specific industry, then the price can be even higher. Sometimes you have to pay double the rate because you need a WordPress full stack developer with biotech expertise.

Showcased work from our freelancers

This early headstart has given the platform the opportunity to connect with a variety of developers. And if you are looking to hire talent for a low-cost project, WPHired can come in handy, seeing as it largely caters to the requirements of small businesses. However, just because it is relatively affordable, it does not mean that you will have to compromise on quality.

But it’s safe to say that WordPress developers with profound knowledge in PHP, HTML and CSS tend to charge more on Upwork, than developers without those skills. Any additional skill including PSD-to-HTML skills, JavaScript and PHP, knowledge of Photoshop or GitHub will up the hourly rate of the developer. Technically speaking, the website development on an open-source platform is free, however when we are speaking about WordPress there are nuances that are crucial to note before development.

Also, they get access to employee benefits, incentives, and wide exposure to learn more. Hiring full-time remote WordPress developers make quite a sense as it’s cost-efficient. The only silver lining to contractual hiring is that you don’t have to get bothered about infrastructure. how to hire a wordpress developer There’s no hassle of serving them your devices for work as they will be working on their own. It’s entirely the responsibility of management that is of the hired company. For many tech companies, a fixed model is the best as they know the services they need and the requirements.

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