Our Team

2019 Executive Board Members

Next election is October, 2020

Chair: Sue Warren, Catholic Charities
Vice Chair: Pat Carlisle
Secretary: Terry Carter, Richland County First Call 211
Treasurers:  Leona Smith, North End Community Improvement Corporation

Our History

In September, 2007, a group of faithful volunteers from across Richland County formed Richland CODA in response to severe flooding on August 21, 2007. However, Richland CODA is not just about flooding. Richland CODA serves Richland County residents by providing coordinated, long-term recovery efforts following an identified disaster. An identified disaster is determined by the size of the geographic area affected and the extent of long-term recovery assistance needed.

Currently, Richland CODA is completely supported by volunteers. Richland CODA is a member of Ohio VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) and as such can draw on resources outside of Richland County. Richland CODA brings together faith-based and civic organizations to provide long-term recovery assistance to those suffering losses that are not covered by insurance or assistance from other organizations.

Richland CODA meets regularly to review our readiness and preparedness. Membership is open to representatives from all local faith-based and civic organizations and concerned citizens. Richland CODA collaborates with Richland County EMA, the Red Cross, Richland Public Health, and other first responders to make the transition to long-term recovery as smooth as possible.

The Process

After an identified disaster, Richland CODA engages trained disaster caseworkers that review needs on a case-by-case basis within the limits of personnel, materials, and funds available to Richland CODA. Richland CODA responded to flooding events in 2007 and 2011. Because Richland CODA is limited to donated resources, good stewardship is a key component of Richland CODA. Our fiscal agent is a local 501(c)3 agency.

Richland CODA By-laws outline Purpose, Membership and Officers, Committees, General Provisions, Dissolution and Amendments. Quarterly meetings are held in January, April, July, and October. Richland CODA is structured to maintain sustainability through changes in leadership. Richland CODA has both long-term recovery policies and procedures and non-recovery policies and procedures. The Planning Committee and Publicity/Fundraising Committee meet bimonthly to continue to move Richland CODA forward.

Our Goals

The following two-year goals are proposed. The items under each goal are by no means extensive and are not ordered by priority. Additional goals may be added by the Executive Committee.

1 Improve Disaster Case Management–
• Sponsor training of more local disaster case managers.
• Develop a manual of procedures for disaster case managers.
• Design forms for assessing a client’s ability to recover & unmet needs.
• Review handling of sensitive client information.

2 Strengthen Long-term Recovery Operations—
• Expand list of *CORE partners.
• Complete & review *MOUs with CORE partners.
• Sponsor training of more local volunteers especially in clean up operations & donations management.
• Develop a manual for the *PIO.

3 Increase Sustainability of Richland CODA–
• Encourage greater membership participation on committees.
• Promote public education and preparedness (families and elderly).
• Sponsor public events to increase community awareness.
• Regularly review our By-laws and Procedures Manuals.
• Create and maintain a website (internet presence).
• Follow a retention schedule for all documents (especially client files).
• Continuously review potential funding sources, fiscal/audit policies & procedures, and guidelines for client services fund and operating fund.

*CORE Partners—Local organizations with disaster response as their mission
*MOU—Memorandum of Understanding
*PIO—Public Information

Get in touch with us

Located at the Richland County Ohio Emergency Management Agency
597 Park Avenue East
Mansfield, Ohio 44905

Phone Number:
Fax: 419-774-3528